The Covid Conspiracy

Auteur: Thierry Baudet | ISBN:

Thierry Baudet - The Covid Conspiracy

A number one bestseller in the Netherlands, this book by Dutch politician and opposition leader Thierry Baudet describes the conspiracy of Western governments against their own people during the so-called Covid pandemic which began in 2020.

Studying the death rates and effects of the coronavirus on the healthcare system, the author concludes that it was never as dangerous as Big Media wanted us to believe. Analysing the effects of vaccinations, he proves that we became lab rats for the unnecessary and harmful vaccines of Big Pharma. Researching the political measures that were taken, such as lockdowns, the imposition of face masks and QR codes restricting our movements, he infers that they were introduced by Big Government with intentions other than public health.

This deeply shocking and groundbreaking book shows that, behind the destruction of businesses, the tearing apart of families, the elderly left to die alone, and the millions of citizens, including children, terrified into submission, there was – and is – a globalist elite that sees in Covid an opportunity for a “great reset”: a digitally-controlled community with no democracy involved – a re-design of society in which people no longer enjoy any liberties but those granted to them by the state.

This book is not just an eye-opener; it is also an appeal to oppose this ‘Great Reset’ before it turns us, free men and women, into slaves.

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